Oration in the dark ـ m. ravanshid
06.05.2022 - 00:13

Oration in the dark

"It is oppression that gives birth to justice."

Masoud Amini (m. ravanshid)

March 2022


Ladies and gentlemen!

I want to think about my mental questions louder and louder, so that you can hear them too.

It's irrelevant to me what you judge, although not judgment, that your perceptions, conclusions, or interpretations can affect my mental reflection, but in this one-on-one dialogue, "I" is "I" on either side of the table. We are sitting and you will be the willing or unwilling listener who will inevitably be judged at the end, a judgment that is important but not to me.

I threw the first stone to send my rings of memory to you, the echo of what digs me in and eventually wears me out.

But what made me think so loudly is the ridiculous contradiction that entangles us as artists, a paradox so ridiculous that it sometimes frightens me.

We speak of "justice"; Justice in language, justice in sight, justice in words and justice in life. "Justice" is our hidden concern and perhaps sorrow in our words and writings, which we deliberately want to expose and insist on promoting, but why does what the subconscious reveals to us show the true form of our irrational behaviour? Reality - willingly or unwillingly - is not what we knowingly say, it is what we unknowingly show and do. Of course, this is not my concern, what frightens me is the "evil" that must be in order for "justice" to take shape, the "justice" that requires "oppression" ....

Now I ask the "I" on the other side of the table: Why did "freedom, equality and justice" become our concern as artists? And I draw an ideal world in which happiness, mental and physical health, equality, justice, capital, dance and laughter prevail, and no external sorrow is conceivable for man, that is, the world of an ideal and arbitrary society; And I ask, was it first "oppression" that arose to create the need for "justice", or what? And really, what happened in that ideal world / society that suddenly "oppression" was formed and emerged, so that now the need for "justice" is the subject and concern?

Sometimes question after question confuses us and does not allow us to draw the true form of our worries, so we must inevitably open the thread of the taro pod of this confused coil to form a plan to arrive at the answer.

Sometimes question after question confuses us and does not allow us to draw the true form of our worries, so we must inevitably open the thread of the warp and weft of this confused coil to form a plan to arrive at the answer.

The frightening point, however, is this: in order to be free and just, one needs a disgusting background called "evil," meaning that "evil" and "oppression" must have taken place in order for a just artist to be formed, to need "justice, freedom, and equality." To come into being. Isn't that a ridiculous and terrifying paradox?! The oppressors create Robin Hoods, and the Robin Hoods are killed by the oppressors, that is, always the Creator; The killer of the creature and the artist, a little further away, and sometimes even in the middle of the war, only depicts and records, without actually doing the work of the workshop.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Tell me, what role are we artists really going to play in this ridiculous and terrifying paradox? How many dictators or symbols of "oppression" in history have finally been overthrown by poetry? I say: Poetry can and has been able to cultivate freedom-seekers and justice-seekers, but why should I not tremble at this event: We have not been able to eliminate any "evil" or "oppression" or "dictatorship"; Both inside and outside. You must have noticed my funny hint: We have not even been able to train or get rid of the dictator hidden inside us. Do not ask me for signs and examples; That "humanity" trembles.

"I want freedom," but this seemingly short and meaningful sentence hides a thousand unseen crimes behind me, and no one asks: what is liberation, freedom to commit which forgotten act? What is a story? What have you not done or what have you done wrong that now the need for liberation and freedom, the need for justice becomes the cloak of your intellectual?! "Liberalism"? "Justice Seeker"? It seems that these must have appeared after "oppression", tell me what did you do before the pursuit of freedom and justice that the world's need for justice and freedom has fallen? Where you should have been and were not, where "being careful" and "being careful" could have cost the world far less; Which shirt did your words come out of the house with?

The "yellow vests" was the result of the colour and material of which of our hangover artists' shirts? Death, death of morality, death of joy instead of evil was the result of which act we did not know and did not do?

We are accustomed to looking only at the disabled and talking about the disabled and reacting to the disabled to avoid accountability, but illness and pain are rooted in causes and factors that we knowingly and perhaps unknowingly overlooked and put.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Let me say:

The artist cannot cure the paradoxes, he cannot eliminate the need for a vest, he only plays with another image in this world and this society like the "populists", otherwise what is more frightening than the fact that "oppression" is "justice" "Born.


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