Women’s Day in territory of Mullahs
05.03.2020 - 17:10

On 8th March 1910, Clara Zetkin, an international socialist from the German SPD proposed the Women’s Day in Copenhagen. Since then the 8th March is an occasion for celebration all over the laique or secular world. The idea was and is to promote more the right of gender equality.

In details, such an equal right must be above any patriarchal traditions left or propped up by Semitic religions. In actuality, these implicitly contribute the First Sin to Eve who committed the First Sin by eating the Apple, and, worse, she handed it to Adam, what resulted their exile from Paradise on Earth.

The factious story propagate a factional idea that all women seem to be the coquettish source of any sin. So it fabricates a patriarchal tradition which is still more or less inherited from the First Sin. The Sin is somehow institutionalised in the Islamic constitution of Mullahs. More proliferated by their Sharia, freedom has been restricted in spheres of individual, social, political, and especially women’s social status.

By contrast to this Mullah’s misogyny, Women’s Day presents in the secular and laique countries measures for equal rights of women in many spheres as to hold public offices, right to vocational training, promotion in their jobs and positions, and an end to inequality which is the initial goal. In the democratic and laique /secular countries, International Women’s Day has assumed a global dimension for the promotion of women's rights.

Nevertheless, since inception of the Islamic regime of 1979 in Iran, political Islam becomes a serious barrier on the way of women to achieve their fundamental rights. Furthermore, inspired from the Islamic regime, political Islam becomes a bird of prey spreading its wings over a great area of the Islamic world, where hundreds of millions of women have fallen into its clutches.

As said, the nest of this bird of prey is unfortunately our country Iran which is today like an occupied territory of Mullahs. The bird of prey has nested in our country for the last 41 years committing crimes against humanity, both in Iran and the region. Their clutches are new swords of jihadists.

Inspired from one of the Prophet Muhammad’s marriages with the wife of his adopted son and many young or pre-adult females, the Islamic Majlis, Parliament of the Islamic regime, passed a bill in September 2013 to allow a man to marry his adopted daughter as young as 13 years. However, while women in Iran are more educated, more freedom-lovers and particularly more secular/laique than any Islamised country.

Their ambition has been proved by the so-called “The Girls of Revolution Streets”, a popular movement of anti-hijab since 2017– brave women take off their compulsory Islamic hijab/ headscarf in the main streets of country challenging the symbol, Swastika, of the regime or Islamic hijab. They are as brave as to risk severe punishment of Islamists that looming them on the streets.

In extremely Islamised societies, women who are victims of rape can be killed by their families to preserve family honour. The victim is eliminated because she is considered as a humiliation for the family. This crime is called “Honour Killing” and is as a legacy of misogynistic traditions upheld in our time in Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and the Persian Gulf countries.

Another horrible act with irrefutable psychosomatic syndromes is “Female Genital Mutilation” which is practised in some societies with obsolete traditions including in the most societies of Sunnite Islam. The brutal incision is a consequent attack to human rights. it is practised to reduce sexual desire of women.

Another crime committed by Mullahs in Iran is rape as a tool to political prisoners in Iran, men and women are victims of this act alike. Mullahs’ justification is not only a sexual torture, especially for men, but also because they argue that “infidel” girls will not go to Hell if they are executed virgin.

Unfortunately, the international community, including the United Nations, irresponsibly ignore the misogynist attitude and crimes motivated of right-wing-political Islam, mainly committed by the Islamic regime as a nest of political Islam. They ignore the fate of millions of Iranian women who fight hard for their very fundamental rights.

At the end, I add that celebration of Women’s Day is banned in Iran, whereas the day can be commemorated in the laique / secular world.

By Jahanshah Rashidian





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